Street Racer Championship 2017

Street Racer Championship 2017

There were 3 recent Street Racer winners ready and waiting in the pits this year: Russ Pursley with his Dutton, Ian Walley and his turbo Ford Cortina and Simon Boot and the Blown “Bootlegger” Camaro.

After three rounds of qualifying, Simon Boot was in the number 1 spot with a 10.03, Russ Pursley with a 10.05 in number 2, wild card Ged Jefferson with his Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution in 3rd with 10.06 and Ian Walley in 4th with a 10.2.

As is now tradition, the Street Racer Championship final was the very last run of the day. Previous winners Simon Boot and Russ Pursley being the two who made it all the way through.

Russ was away first (0.7708 to Simon’s 0.7788). Russ got the better 60ft with a 1.6 to Simon’s 1.7. He stretched out the lead at the 1/8 with 6.4, Simon had to lift to straighten the car, following Russ with a 6.6 1/8 mile. Simon caught up and they were neck and neck through the finish.

Both drivers had no idea who had won, they turned around at the bottom of the track and returned back up the track for the presentation. The score boards showing 9.83 for Russ and 9.83 for Simon. Only the win light told us the winner.

Congratulations to Russ Pursley – the 40th Street Racer Champion winning with a 9.8340 and commiserations to Simon Boot, who narrowly missed out, losing with a 9.8391.

This is just a selection of my favourite images. If you’re looking for specific photos and can’t see them here, please try our Facebook page for the full gallery.

We’ve also compiled a list of every car that’s covered the quarter mile in 8.99 seconds or less since we started going back in 2007, you can take a look here.

Street Racer Championship photo gallery:

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