Murton Park Rally

Murton Park Rally

We hadn’t heard of the Murton Park Rally before – but after a brief conversation in the pub the night before, we decided to have a look over

We found it a little hard to find at first, we’d assumed it was at the cattle market (as we didn’t have any specifics!) however it turned out to be in the Yorkshire Museum of Farming

It was a very enjoyable little show, they’d tried to cram in as many cars as they could, without it being super cramped – plus entry to the show also included entry to the museum, so we made the most of it & had a look around the tractors and a short ride on the train!

This is just a selection of my favourite images. If you’re looking for specific photos and can’t see them here, please try our Facebook page for the full gallery.

Murton Park Rally photo gallery:

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