Mablethorpe Sand Racing

Mablethorpe Sand Racing

This is the first time I’ve been to the beach racing at Mablethorpe since I was a child, but when the opportunity arose to go visit the beach my dad used to hurl himself around when I was younger, I grabbed it with both hands!

Unfortunately the entry list is a lot smaller than we remembered, so having arrived at around 11am, we only saw an hours racing before everything was packed up and everyone headed to the nearest cafe for the presentation. That said, as you can see from the photos, the racing was pretty close and the unusual location definitely makes for some good photo opportunities (the guy walking his dog right past the track as an example!).

This season’s beach racing has now come to an end, but I’d very much like to head back down to Mablethorpe next winter to have another try at capturing it!

This is just a selection of my favourite images. If you’re looking for specific photos and can’t see them here, please try our Facebook page for the full gallery.

Mablethorpe Sand Racing photo gallery:

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  1. Jon Pym says:

    Nice pics will you be there in October

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