FIA/FIM Main Event 2017

FIA/FIM Main Event 2017

We always enjoy a trip to the FIA/FIM Main Event (and Euro Finals!) meeting at Santa Pod – what self-respecting drag racing fan doesn’t enjoy a whiff of nitro?!

Saturday had gone really well, lots of fast passes & close racing, with a flypast from a Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Spitfire during the day as well. Unfortunately, the day will be remembered mainly for the “Al’s Gasser” Ford Pop crashing heavily just after the finish line. The driver was fine, but the same can’t be said for such an iconic race car!

Sunday saw more of the same, loads of fast passes & a very strong showing from the Top Fuel crews!

This is just a selection of my favourite images. If you’re looking for specific photos and can’t see them here, please try our Facebook page for the full gallery.

FIA/FIM Main Event photo gallery:

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