British Clubmans Championship 2017

British Clubmans Championship 2017

The British Clubmans Championship marks a return to the grass for us, it was actually June 2015 the last time we went to a grasstrack! The meeting was put on by Pickering & District Motor Club and as well as being its own championship, also formed the qualifier for the British Masters.

It was great to see so many sidecars in attendance, they’re always great to watch and unfortunately, there aren’t normally many sidecar crews at the Pickering meetings.

The top 12 sidecar outfits and top 10 solo riders from this meeting qualified for the British Masters Championships at Swingfield.

This is just a selection of my favourite images. If you’re looking for specific photos and can’t see them here, please try our Facebook page for the full gallery.

British Clubmans Championship photo gallery:

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